Planning Board/ Code Officer- FAQs

Q:  When do I need a Building Permit?
           A: Anytime you build a building or addition to an existing building that is 100 sq. ft. or more.
Q:  When do I need a Subsurface Wastewater Permit (septic)?
           A:  BEFORE you can get a building permit for a new building or if your building addition will exceed the limit of your existing septic design.

Q: When should I apply for an Internal Plumbing Permit?
            A:  BEFORE you can get a building permit for a new building, if you are adding any new plumbing or if you have to unhook/ hook your plumbing from/to your system for any reason.

Q:  How do I know if my property is located within the Shoreland Zone of Roxbury?
  A:  If your property is located within 500ft. of the high water mark of Roxbury Pond (A.K.A. Ellis Pond), you are within the Shoreland Zone and are required to follow the rules of the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance.  Please refer to the Ordinance for further information.

Q:  When is a Permit By Rule required?
A: If you are working within 75 feet of Roxbury Pond (A.K.A. Ellis Pond), any protected waterbody or wet lands you may also be required to file for a Permit By Rule. refer to the Permit By Rule website for further information or

Q:  Does the Planning Board Meetings operate from an Agenda?
           A:  Yes, the Planning Board is currently using an Agenda for holding their meetings.  If you would like to have a
                 permit reviewed for approval by the Planning Board you will need to submit your permit to the Town Office 
                and request that your permit be noted on the agenda.