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Listing of Officials




                                    Timothy Derouche, Chair March, 2025    (Elected)
  Matthew Patneaude March, 2027      "
  Ray Hodsdon March, 2026      "  
           Administrative Assistant                         
  Brittany Gordon March, 2027  (Appointed)
           Tax Collector & Treasurer        
  Renee Hodsdon March, 2025 (Elected) 
           Town Clerk        
   Brittany Gordon March, 2027  (Elected)
           Deputy Town Clerk & Tax Collector        
   Doreen Stinson March, 2027 (Appointed) 
          Code Enforcement Officer & Plumbing Inspector       
  Richard Coulombe--Code Enforcement Officer March, 2025 (Appointed)
   Robert T. Folsom, SR.- Plumbing Inspector March, 2025  (Appointed)
           Planning Board/ Commissioners       
  Richard Cox March, 2027 (Appointed) 
  Bruce Waugh March, 2025       "
   Lora Greene March, 2026       " 
  Alternate- VACANT March, 2027       "
           Fire Chief       
   Raymond Carver March, 2025 (Appointed) 
           Asst. Fire Chief       
   Eric Giroux March, 2025 (Appointed) 
            Local Health Officer    
  Brittany Gordon March, 2025 (Appointed)
           Local EMA Director    
  Raymond Carver March, 2025 (Appointed)
           E*911 Addressing Officer    
  Matthew Patneaude March, 2025 (Appointed)
           Animal Control Officer    
    March,  (Appointed)
           Elections Staff    
  Brittany Gordon, Registrar & Ballot Clerk        Dec., 2025 (Appointed)
  Doreen Stinson, Deputy Registrar & Ballot Clerk Dec. 2024        "
  Renee Hodsdon, Warden Dec., 2024        "
  VACANT, Ballot Clerk Dec., 2020        "
  VACANT, Ballot Clerk Dec., 2019        "
  Pamela Bulger, Ballot Clerk Dec., 2024        "
           RSU#10 Board Member    
  Denise Cross March, 2027  (Elected)
           Planning Board of Appeals    
  VACANT March, 2023 (Appointed)
  VACANT seat March, 2022        "
  VACANT seat  March, 2022        "
           Cemetery Committee    
  Howard Whitten  March, 2025 (Appointed)
  KIM PEARE  March, 2026         "
  VACANT Seat  March, 2021         "
           NORSWB Board Member    
  Sandra Witas March, 2026 (Appointed)
            Med Care Ambulance Board    
  Barbara Roach-Chambers March, 2027 (Appointed)